Tractor Trailer Accidents

You don't have to read the headlines to know that truck accidents are a persistent and deadly problem in southeast Georgia - chances are you or one of your neighbors has been involved in one. The biggest accidents with multiple fatalities involving several vehicles get the most media attention, but the growth of I-16 as a freight route for the explosive growth at the port in Savannah means that accidents involving trucks hauling freight happen almost every day. Because of their enormous size and weight, these trucks require special handling - their drivers require special training and special licenses to ensure the rest of us are safe on the roads we share. But long hauls, tight deadlines, limited sleep, and electronic distractions can turn a routine delivery of freight into a life - changing nightmare.

If you or someone you know has been injured because a business has placed its profits ahead of public safety, give us a call. Josh Tucker takes Big Rig accidents very seriously, and very personally. Like too many of us, he has seen the indifference of the trucking industry up close and personal too many times, in the hospital, the courtroom, and the morgue. Let him help you fight back. You health and wellbeing is worth more than a quick delivery.