Wrongful Death

The trauma that a family experiences when a loved one is the victim of someone else's negligence or misconduct is unlike any other. The emotional turmoil of grieving is compounded by the irreparable nature of the loss of the loved one who is gone. No amount of money, no kind words, no gesture of condolence can replace the unnecessary loss of life.

But there can be justice.

There are laws in place to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all Georgians, wherever we go. Ordinary citizens do not have the financial resources of a manufacturer, corporation, doctor, or hospital, who all work hard to protect their assets from their mistakes, but liability waivers do not give anyone the right to break the law, or take a life.

Josh Tucker believes that every life is valuable, and that any wrongful death should be used to prevent another. Many of the safeguards we have in our lives today are the result of wrongful death litigation, and our lives are better for them. Our roads, schools, homes, and hospitals are safer. By holding corporations and healthcare providers to standards of decency rather than margins of profits, we change the way they operate-they make better products, they take fewer shortcuts, they pay closer attention.

The monetary damages that may be available to cover loss of potential income and companionship, and medical and funeral costs, may be helpful to the grieving family in the short term. However, to create change in the way an organization or person does business in any substantial way, their loss typically must be substantial as well. Without a consequential outcome to the party that caused the wrongful death, there will likely be no remedy to the product or process or parties that caused the death. Let Josh help you make the change that needs to be made.